Cred: Klara Forsman

MATILDA ELLOW – SELF TITLED. Young Swedish Design 2020 4 February - 22 March. Cred: Fotograf: Klara Forsman..jpg

Ung Svensk Form/Young Swedish Design 2020 4 February - 22 March. MATILDA ELLOW – SELF TITLED I wanted to explore narcissism, identity and anonymity in branding and design, to understand how significant brands and their communities are to our individuality. That resulted in three vases in sand-cast aluminium and cast polyester. (Product photo: Klara Forsman) Jury citation Could this be the final extravagant manifestation of the consumer society? Post-ironic comment in a debate that has come to be more relevant than ever, about the personal brand. Self Titled is a bold attempt at physical portrayal of this abstract theme, in an enthralling game with the dimensions.
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