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Hot gingerbread houses for ArkDes’s competition

Gingerbread House 2019. Cred: Viktoria Garvare.Gingerbread House 2019. Cred: Viktoria Garvare.

Hot gingerbread houses for ArkDes’s competition

Gingerbread House 2019 is a different and aromatic exhibition of imaginative gingerbread houses. It is also a competition where children, young people, adults, amateurs and professionals compete side by side. This year, ArkDes is challenging all gingerbread-house bakers to bake something they think is HOT. What comes to your mind when you hear that word? Do you think of the hottest trends or tropical resorts? Forest fires or sunny beaches? We’re hoping for at least 100 hot interpretations of this year's theme – and want to remind everyone to load their fire alarm with fresh batteries and set their oven timer to 7 minutes, max!

Preview 28 November 9-10.

The exhibition will be on view at ArkDes from 29 November 2019 to 5 January 2020. Free admission. Press enquiries: maria.ostman@arkdes.se 073-273 36 00.

Building with gingerbread dough is a playful way to explore architecture and design. The gingerbread bakers have to find creative solutions to construction, durability, functionality and decoration challenges – just like their real-life counterparts – who design and construct buildings in the everyday world.

Details from the Gingerbread House Competition 2018. Cred: Viktoria Garvare.

Details from the Gingerbread House Competition 2018. Cred: Viktoria Garvare.


Gingerbread houses should be submitted to ArkDes between 22-24 November, during ordinary opening hours. Competitors are grouped into three categories: architects, designers and professional bakers; children up to the age of 12; and everyone else who bakes. The main sponsor of the exhibition, Elon, will also award a special prize.

“What makes the gingerbread house exhibition so fantastic is its democratic aspect – we accept and exhibit just about every contribution. The dream houses of pre-schoolers and professional architects stand side by side, and the funny thing is – it’s sometimes hard to tell who made what. I’m so looking forward to seeing this year's entries and curious about how they will approach the exciting theme, Hot,” says Halla Sigurdardóttir, producer at ArkDes.

Vote for your favourite!
A jury will select one winner in each category. Everyone can vote for their favourite competition entry. Either by using the polling stations in the exhibition, or on our website. www.arkdes.se. 

The prizes will be presented on Sunday, 15 December at 13.00. Free entrance.

Main sponsor: Elon



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Maria Östman
Maria Östman