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The Nordic Report 03 gathers the most prominent voices of the Nordic countries within sustainable production and consumption

The Nordic Report 03 will be released on the 17th of November this year. This will be the third publication from the Nordic sustainability project SUSTAINORDIC, which is carried out with funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Nordic Report aims to disseminate knowledge about Nordic sustainable production and consumption in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal 12 of the 2030 Agenda. Based on the earlier publications, which highlighted good examples from the Nordic region, The Nordic Report 03 takes a closer look at this subject, for increased insight and understanding. Twelve in-depth phenomena, including the paradigm shift from linear to circular economy, a waste-free society and the future of transports and food, are discussed by the most prominent voices in the Nordic countries within the area of sustainable production and consumption.

The Nordic Report aims to be an eye-opener to influence domestic and international policy. Because the Nordic region is at the forefront of sustainable development, we have a special responsibility for putting this issue on the agenda. There is a paradigm shift underway. This report is intended to reflect the complexity of this area by providing a space for discussion and varied perspectives in order to inspire and call readers to action. How can waste be eliminated or minimised by design already in the early stages of product development? What is the best way to use the sharing economy within the transport sector? And how do we make sure that new recycling processes are ecologically, socially and financially sustainable?

There is not a single right answer – there are hundreds of them. But time is scarce. It has never been more important or urgent than it is right now to bring up issues of sustainability. The current pandemic has shown that there is a broad political drive – it must be possible to apply it to the climate policy too!

The target group for The Nordic Report 03 consists of international decision-makers within politics and business as well as in design, architecture, media, culture, education and research. The Nordic Report has already been largely disseminated around the world. 

Examples of voices in The Nordic Report 03:

  • Sony Kapoor – economist and head of the think tank Re-Define, Norway
  • Therese Hugstmyr Woie – Norwegian climate activist 
  • Hanna De La Motte – material researcher and project manager at RISE, Sweden
  • Pasi Vainikka – CEO and founder of Solar Foods, Finland

The Nordic Report 03 is launched in a new and exciting format online at the SUSTAINORDIC website the 17th of November at 12:00 (GMT+2).

“There is a global need for sustainable solutions now as a green recovery from the covid-19 pandemic is high on the agenda. Many Nordic countries have recently launched their circular economy strategies and roadmaps, and there are plenty of inspiring Nordic solutions that can accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The Nordic Report is a great platform to present these solutions not only in the Nordics but internationally too.” Kari Herlevi, Project Director, Circular Economy, SITRA, Finland

“We can make the paradigm shift happen and go circular today – if we set our minds to it. SUSTAINORDIC is one great example of this.” Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir – VD Festa och filmregissör, Island

“If we all contribute and collaborate, we can also make an incredibly big change. SUSTAINORDIC stands for a Nordic collaboration, something I think we need more of.” Jan Christian Vestre – VD Vestre, Norge

SUSTAINORDIC is a platform and network that aims to promote sustainable consumption and production based on a Nordic perspective, in accordance with the UN’s Global Goal 12 of Agenda 2030. The initiative takes its starting point in a joint Manifesto with twelve underlying subgoals. The Manifesto has interpreted Goal 12 into more concrete points of action which resonate with Nordic values.

SUSTAINORDIC is a collaborative network between six Nordic design and architecture institutions. The project owners are the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design (SE) and Form/Design Center (SE), the co-partners are DogA (NO), DAC (DK), Design Forum Finland (FI) and Iceland Design and Architecture (IS). The project was founded in 2015 with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Nordic region is at the forefront of sustainable development. The aim of the network is to collect and spread Nordic examples of best practice in sustainable production and consumption internationally, and to stimulate the development of national policies in the field.

The network partners collectively gather examples of sustainable production and consumption from the Nordic countries. The examples are then being compiled and structured in accordance with the Manifesto subgoals and presented in a yearly Nordic Report. The report is spread through each Nordic country’s international network to reach a global audience. 


The Nordic Report 02 is designed by The New Division. Editor is Marie Skoglund reportage. Illustrations: Andréason & Leibel.


If you have any questions about SUSTAINORDIC and the publications The Nordic Report 01, 02, 03, please contact Josefin Tissingh, josefin.tissingh@arkdes.se or Helena Uesson, helena@formdesigncenter.com.


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