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Drawing of the scenography for "WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD" at ArkDes (2020) by ĒTER Architects.Drawing of the scenography for "WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD" at ArkDes (2020) by ĒTER Architects, depicting graphic works by Irene Stracuzzi x PostNew commissioned for the exhibition.

Type “ASMR” into YouTube and you will meet a stream of faces and hands, microphones and materials, and makeshift sets. These videos exist inside the world of the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response—a static-like feeling of low-grade euphoria or deep calming, triggered by gentle sound, touch and movement.
WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD explores this emergent world as a physical reaction, a revolutionary internet culture, a technology-driven craft, and a field of design.

Due to the novel coronavirus, ArkDes is now temporarily closed until 14 April.
As a result, the exhibition WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD – the first exhibition of its kind to explore ASMR is scheduled to open to the public after April 14.

RSVP here for private guided tours or interviews over the phone/video conference: maria.ostman@arkdes.se

ASMR mediates between mind and body to inject the Internet with softness and intimacy. But it is not limited to the digital sphere: it is a dynamic creative craft and an emergent field of design, loved by some and unsettling to others. Against the backdrop of growing anxiety and loneliness, connection and disconnection, ASMR offers a lens through which to understand new forms of mental and physical wellness in the context of an accelerated global society.

Thhe graphic identity of the exhibition has been created by Irene Stracuzzi x PostNew.

Bob Ross was an American painter, art instructor, and television host of 'The Joy of Painting' (PBS, 1983-1994). ® Bob Ross name and images are registered trademarks of Bob Ross Inc. © Bob Ross Inc. Used with permission.

Bob Ross was an American painter, art instructor, and television host of 'The Joy of Painting' (PBS, 1983-1994). ® Bob Ross name and images are registered trademarks of Bob Ross Inc. © Bob Ross Inc. Used with permission.


In the exhibition: Intertwine from Oddly Satisfiying Series by Andreas Wannerstedt


In the exhibition: still from The Lost Art of Paste-Up featuring Bryony Dalefield by the London Review Books (2019). Courtesy of the London Review of Books.

James Taylor-Foster, Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Design at ArkDes and curator of the exhibition, says:

The incredible growth and emerging appreciation of ASMR over the last decade can tell us much about the way we live today. At a moment governed by a feverish speed, ASMR offers slowness. In harnessing the very technologies it seeks to subvert—hyperconnectivity and the Internet, the screen, and streaming platforms—it carves out a niche for kindness, care, empathy, and new forms of hospitality online.

He continues:

WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD is a project that presents ASMR as an emergent creative field. At the same, it deploys ASMR as a vehicle through which we can understand the evolution of digital intimacy and emergent structures of collective feeling.

In the exhibition: Luca Iaconi-Stewart's (pictured) 1:60 Scale Model of an Air India Boeing 777-300ER, Made Entirely from Manilla Folders. Courtesy of Wired.


The exhibition will bring together a collection of works of ASMR in a cross-section of global ASMR culture. From the first whisper video published on YouTube by ASMRtist WhisperingLife, to works by the likes of IKEA, Apple Inc., and Björk, the show will feature both audio works and audiovisual works. Objects of design will also be on display, including the only prototype of Marc Teyssier's Artificial Skin for Mobile Devices. The exhibition will also present works by world-famous painter and TV-host Bob Ross (The Joy of Painting, PBS), marking the first time that they have been displayed outside of the USA.

The full list of participants will be released in March 2020.

In the exhibition: Artificial Skin for Mobile Devices (2019) by Marc Teyssier. Courtesy of Marc Teyssier.

In the exhibition: still from Pouring a Liquid Mirror in Slow Motion by The Slow Mo Guys (2019). Courtesy of Vegan Fire Media.

Public Programme

WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD is the first exhibition of its kind to lift ASMR out from your screen and back into public space. The exhibition space will periodically transform to host a programme of experimental live performances in collaboration with artists, performers, and ASMRtists from Sweden and across the world.

The open vernissage for the exhibition will take place on April 07, 2020, featuring a performative lecture and a discussion with invited guests. Find out more.

The full programme will be announced and tickets released in March 2020.

Read more about ASMR

The shushing sound of voices whispering, or clothes rustling—and then a tingling feeling begins on the scalp, and spreads down into the neck, shoulders, and limbs, and along with it comes a state of calm, or even euphoria.

The New Yorker

Here’s what you need to know about the strange, tingly sensation that could help you relax.

Vox Explainer

In A.S.M.R. videos, people engage in regular tasks while drawing those second-order pleasures to the fore. The usual priorities of the eye test are distorted; now it’s less about nearsightedness and more about whispered instruction and warm light.

The New York Times

Gåshuden ljuger aldrig. För miljoner fans är ASMR en stilla oas av trygghet i en uppkopplad värld.


Cred: Istockphoto.

Binaural microphones and materials form a core genre of ASMR.

Further Information

An open vernissage will take place on the evening of April 7, 2020 from 17.00. The exhibition will open to the public on April 8, 2020 and run until August 16, 2020 in Boxen – ArkDes's platform for radical, responsive and experimental exhibitions. Boxen was designed by Dehlin Brattgård Arkitekter and opened in 2018.

WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD is an exhibition curated by James Taylor-Foster (Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Design, ArkDes) and produced by Halla Sigurðardóttir (Producer, ArkDes). The exhibition is designed by ĒTER Architects and graphic design is by Irene Stracuzzi + PostNew.

Visitor information about the exhibition can be found on arkdes.se.

Boxen provides space for alternative voices to inspire discussions about architecture, design, and their relationship to society.

Dehlin Brattgård Arkitekter— one of Sweden’s most exciting emerging practices—have designed a structure that, through its architecture, creates a transformative experience both inside and around it. Steel, birch plywood, and wire mesh combine to create two distinct exhibitable environments: an interior white-box and a circulatory ramp, encouraging multiple views and perspectives between both visitors and the ideas on display. 
Cred: Johan Dehlin.

Boxen at ArkDes, designed by Dehlin Brattgård Arkitekter. Photo: Johan Dehlin

About ArkDes (The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design)

ArkDes is Sweden’s national centre for architecture and design. It is a museum, a study centre and an arena for debate and discussion about the future of architecture, design and citizenship.


Maria Östman
Maria Östman

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