Street Moves transforms streets and parking places into meeting places in Hultsfred and Härnösand

Outer Space, Suzanne Osten and Studio Doms is one of the teams tasked with transforming streets through the Street Moves innovation project, led by ArkDes and funded by Vinnova since 2019. Street Moves supports municipalities in using an inclusive design process to transform the city's streets with temporary solutions. From previously designing cities around the car, the starting point of Street Moves is to design streets after their specific needs, such as greenery and meeting places in the city, as well as social hubs or other things that bring the street to life for residents. Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Stockholm and Umeå have already tested the method, and it is now time for Hultsfred and Härnösand to do the same. Together with two new design teams, ArkDes continues to develop Street Moves across the country. Two new design teams are developing new solutions for streetscapes in Hultsfred and Härnösand. The teams are the innovation-driven design and architecture firm Office of Possibilies and a cross-sectoral team consisting of theatre directors Suzanne Osten and Josefin Wolf, Outer Space arkitekter and the design duo Studio Doms. "Lessons learned from previous Street Moves are now being further developed with new municipalities. Together, we explore and deepen the practical knowledge of design processes as a tool for driving change and transformation. The Street Moves movement, the prototypes and the functions of the streets continue to evolve. New places with new needs finds new solutions based on a simple concept of process and module, making all streets in Sweden become sustainable, healthy and vibrant!" - Jessica Segerlund, Director ArkDes Think Tank