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Relive the Virtual Vernissage of WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD!

WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD in Boxen at ArkDes. Photo: Johan DehlinWEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD in Boxen at ArkDes opened with a virtual vernissage, broadcast live from Stockholm on April 7, 2020. Photo: Johan Dehlin

ASMR is a term that describes a physical sensation: euphoria or deep calm, sometimes a tingling in the body. In recent years an online audience of millions has grown, dedicated to watching the work of designers and content creators who try to trigger this feeling in their viewers.
WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD is the first museum exhibition dedicated to this feeling and the emerging field of creativity that has grown up around it.

On April 7, 2020, ArkDes broadcast a virtual vernissage live from Stockholm in collaboration with e-flux. We invite you to relive this opening from a comfortable spot and through your favourite pair of headphones!

Watch the virtual vernissage on ArkDes Play →

This broadcast is also embeddable. Find the embed link on Vimeo.

Presenting (in order of appearance):

ASMRtists: PierreG ASMR, WhisperingLife ASMR, UNO ASMR, Life with MaK, ASMRctica, FredsVoice ASMR, MissASMR, anoASMR, and Made in France ASMR
Kieran Long (Director, ArkDes) [above]
James Taylor-Foster (Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Design, ArkDes)
Jennifer Allen (who coined the term "ASMR" in 2010)
Giulia Poerio (Researcher, University of Essex)
Craig Richard (Researcher, University of Shenandoah)
Jamie Lauren Keiles (Journalist)
Helga Sadowski (Researcher, Örebro and Uppsala Universities) [below]
Justina Hüll (Digital Communications, ArkDes)

You can learn more about the exhibition and the world of ASMR in The Guardian ("This way for brain tingles: ASMR gets a shiver-inducing exhibition"), Surface Magazine ("The Thrilling and Complicated World of ASMR"), and on TV4 (in Swedish).

Due to the novel coronavirus, ArkDes is currently temporarily closed to visitors. WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD – the first exhibition of its kind to explore ASMR – is scheduled to close on November 1, 2020.

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Maria Östman
Maria Östman

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